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Masterless Men - 20 Years

Masterless Men - Bramble and the Rose

Masterless Men - Christmas with the Masterless Men

Masterless Men - On the Run

Masterless Men - Back on Track

Masterless Men - Breaking New Ground

Masterless Men - Ode to Age

Welcome to the Official Masterless Men website

Imagine a boisterous Newfoundland house party where everyone plays an instrument or sings a song late into the night.

Masterless Men is the sound of hand clapping favourites, heart warming ballads and mesmerizing instrumentals.

Group members John, Perry, Dave, Chuck, Greg and Bob, deliver music that comes from the heart of Irish Newfoundland and takes you back there every time you listen.

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Upcoming Shows

6-Jul: Holy Heart Theatre

8-Jul: Kelligrews Soiree

15-Jul: A Time in Torbay

23-Jul: Shamrock Festival

23-Jul: Mt. Pearl City Days

28-Jul: Harbour Mille

29-Jul: George Street Festival

18-Aug: Paradise Sunsplash

15 & 16 Sept: O'Reilly's Irish Pub

21-Oct: Concert of Hope: St. John's ACC

3 & 4 Oct: O'Reilly's Irish Pub

18-Nov: St. John's Arts and Culture Center

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